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Araç Takip Sistemi


Connector Descriptions J5 Main Connector
No Signal Descriptions
1 Output Open drain output(max.40VDC - 1.7A...3,4A)
2 GND Ground
3 Vın Supply voltage(DC +9V.. .+30V)
4 Input3 Digital İnput3(opto isolated input) (0,1V-->L,4-30V-->H
5 Input2 Digital İnput2(opto isolated input) (0,1V-->L,4-30V-->H
6 Input1 Digital İnput1(opto isolated input) (0,1V-->L,4-30V-->H


Connector Descriptions J6 Multipurpose Expansion Connector1
No Signal Descriptions
1 VCCout Uncontrolled supply voltage(DC+5V).Internally fused 200mA
2 GND Ground
3 Tx2 RS-232 UART2/CAN1H transmit signal
4 Rx2 RS-232 UART2/CAN1H receive signal
Connector Descriptions J8 Multipurpose Expansion Connector2
No Signal Descriptions
1 Vout Controlled PWR supply output Vaac(DC 12V 24V).Four diffrent operation mode.Internally fused(1A).
2 GND Ground
3 Tx2 RS-232 UART0 transmit signal
4 Rx2 RS-232 UART0 receive signal
256KBytes code memory
64KBytes TAM
Memory: 2MBytes Flash Memory(record memory)
32KBytes batery powered RAM(hold very frequently changing data)
32KBytes high endurance EEP(backup forRAM)
GPRS Modem: Dual-Band GSM/GPRS
Internal PCB antenna
GPS: MT3329 chipset,L1 frequency,up to 66 channels
Up to -165 dbm tracking sensitivity
Up to 3m position accuracy
Internal patch antenna
Communication: 2 x UART ports,RS232
CAN Bus,full J1939 support(optional)
I/O: 1 x 1.5 A open-drain MOSFET OUTPUT
3 x input,optically isolated
1 x internal ADC input,10 bit accuracy,measuring input supply voltage(vehicle battery)
Connectors: 2x3 and 2x2 pins automotive type(with a latch)
Indicators: 1 pc. red LED and 2 pcs.GPRS modem status LEDs
RTC: with a seperate Li battery coin cell
Accelerometer: 3-axis,12-bit,up to +2g
Supply voltage:

DC 9V ... DC 30V
Consumption - 13.8V / 70ma average in active mode,13.8V/200uA in sleep mode Over current,Over voltage and load dump protection

Operating t°: -35 C° ... 85 C°
Stroge t°: -55 C° ... 110 C°
Housing: AMS plastic,semitransparent
Dimensions: 140 x 81 x 27 [mm]